NERA – here we come!

The time has finally come for the NERA conference in Reykjavik on the 6th-9th of March! Presenting DiDiDi is not the easiest task since there is so much going on in the project and everything seems equally important. We only have 20 minutes, so we decided to stick to tablet computers and smart phones in education.

Representing DiDiDi this time is Mia Porko-Hudd and Marléne Johansson who will be talking Talking Tools and how smart phones and upcodes are used in sloyd education. Mårten Björkgren and Elisabet Backlund-Kärjenmäki will present two sub-projects. The Arabic spring – digitally speaking, where teacher students used tablet computers to create YouTube-videos about the Arabic spring. And PPP, where tablet computers were used in Elementary school while reading the book ”Underfors” by author Maria Turtschaninoff. (I will be talking very briefly about my own research, although it has nothing to do with tablet computers.)

The next couple of days we’ll be promoting DiDiDi, hopefully handing out a lot of business cards and networking as much as we possibly can. NERA – we are ready for you!

Our Prezi can be found here.


Charlotta Hilli is a doctoral student in DiDiDi



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