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The overall aim of the project is to study, discover and distribute the learning potentials which new and modern digital technique can imply for teaching and methodological development in school, teacher training, research and in-service training.


The resent fast development within digital technology has put demands on changing traditional teaching methods. Both nationally and internationally there is a search for models how new digital technology could successfully be implemented in teaching. The long-term goal for the national efforts is primarily trying to find new ways of teaching which in the future guarantee Finland a top position internationally. But also to develop means for exporting Finnish educational know-how has become more important. A conscious emphasize on didactic and pedagogical competence is vital in this process. Otherwise the development will run the risk of being controlled by commercial values – the competition is rough and the speed is high in digital cyber space.

That teacher training at ÅA actively participates in this development must be regarded as a conscious and proactive investment. The project DiDiDi is the name for a great number of smaller projects and participants with an interest in digital tools in teaching.

Project organization and activity:

The strength of the DiDiDi-project lies in its current interest, its immediate relevancy for school, teacher training, in-service training and research and the broad and effective organization in groups for management, experiment and development.

Here you will find the constellation for the management group.